Time for your daughter to SHINE her fabHERlous self and help YOU get ahead of the DRAMA-filled teenage years.  Girls will learn skills to value their whole selves, develop their inherent strengths, cope more effectively with daily stressors and strengthen interpersonal skills and connectedness.  Participants enjoy skits, journaling, AWESOME craft projects, talking circles and plenty of LAUGHTER. This program helps girls foster a healthy identity and positive relationships with others. Participants are less likely to engage in risky behavior; they will learn to display diligence and will gain perseverance and resilience.  

Mondays after school (start time 3:00pm-3:15pm), beginning March 8th

Open enrollment, limited space available

$250 / 6-week program

Please email rockymtnkidclubs@gmail.com or call 970-404-1587 for more information.