RMKC Learning Cohorts

RMKC Learning Cohorts

RMKC is excited to announce Rocky Mountain Kid C.L.U.B.S. Learning Cohorts!! We acknowledge that all options for the 21-22 school year may leave you full of concerns. So many of us have worries and questions about our children’s education, mental health, and even the safety of being in school, especially while dealing with a pandemic. RMKC is here to help your family by rethinking the traditional educational model!

The traditional education model was created over 100 years ago to prepare a barely literate population for factory work. It’s hardly changed since.”

These uncertain times are the perfect opportunity to re-think the usual approach to education. The stress and time-consuming efforts of distance learning brought on by the pandemic isn’t working for many reasons. RMKC knew local families needed support, answers, and options.

RMKC is providing a new approach to learning!! We are offering several options to help families navigate additional routes to quality education. There are endless benefits to enrolling in our Learning Center. Whether you are interested in full homeschooling, support during virtual learning, or social/emotional support, here are a few reasons you should enroll TODAY:

  • Meeting current needs now. You can prioritize your child’s mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical health. By staying within a designated cohort during the COVID pandemic, our learning options minimize exposure while still providing in-person learning experiences.
  • Encourage autonomy and independence. Studies show a huge factor in effective learning is a strong sense of autonomy, and a benefit of small learning cohorts cultivates children’s autonomy.
  • Promote powerful sustained teacher-student relationships.
  • Create authentic community-connected experiences, students learn to collaborate, think critically, and solve complex challenges. Learners become invested in their communities and ready for further education and entrepreneurship.
  • Efficient learning. A low student-teacher ratio, without wasted time and busy work
  • Expansion of interests, and personalization with options like outdoor education
  • Free of bureaucracy, standardized tests, and other federal mandates, families can choose an option that best fits their goals and objectives (with the full Homeschool option)
  • Decrease tension and fighting brought on by distance learning between parent and child.
  • Provides relief for parents to work or do other tasks uninterrupted.

“The greatest benefit of a small, efficient learning cohort models is that education can be tailored to YOUR child’s specific needs.”

We want to ensure during this non-traditional school year that we assist families by providing options for learning and social/emotional wellness, and resources to those that need it.  RMKC is dedicated to the well-being of our community!

RMKC Learning Options:

**All classes begin after Labor Day. Exact dates TBA**

Private Teaching Cohort (Mo School):

**This option is in place of your child’s participation in distance learning through your school district.**

Multi-aged groups with differentiated instruction. Hands-on curriculum-based instruction in all content areas. Assignments that engage students are a crucial aspect of this learning model. Applying the skills learned in school is instrumental for children to adopt and retain them long-term. Additionally, project-based learning teaches creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, and other skills that will allow students to compete in a high-tech world.  

Cohort size = 4/5 students. Groups meet for 4 per day hours, 4 days a week to meet CO Homeschooling regulations (min. 172 days a year). Instruction is provided by an award-winning Colorado Licensed teacher. One semester commitment is required (Sept to Dec/Dec to June).

For more information and pricing, please email rockymtnkidclubs@gmail.com.

Supplemental Learning Support:

4-hour small-group Learning Cohort (maximum of 5 students per cohort). This option provides in-person support for distance learning participants. Students will get assistance completing virtual learning assignments, engage in experiential learning activities, and receive academic support/tutoring to stay on track and/or improve their skills.

Option to meet up to 5 days/week, monthly contract required. Times available 8-12 or 12-4.

For more information and pricing, please email rockymtnkidclubs@gmail.com.

SPED/IEP support:

Tailored to individual student’s needs. 
Can work on an ongoing basis or for consultation. 
Rates vary depending on needs.

Social/Emotional Wellness Groups:

90 minute, in-person groups offering support and skill-building led by a licensed School Counselor and Special Education teacher. Children are taught skills for increasing social skills, friendship skills, anger management, strategies to cope with stress and anxiety, and more. The cohort will be determined by age and area of skill-building needed. Groups will be 5:1 student/teacher (minimum of 4 students required for group to start).

8-week commitment