The “Original” Social Emotional Wellness Group (S.E.W.)

This group focuses on crucial life skills to support social-emotional well being! Our program gets RESULTS! It will help guide your child to learn the skills necessary to eliminate meltdowns, tantrums and getting “stuck” while having FUN!!

Adventure Club

This after-school program offers creative, hands-on experiences paired with mindfulness and cooperative learning. Class offerings include Chef-In-Training, Mad Scientist, Gaming Club, ImagiNation and more!


This program is designed to help your daughter improve her relationships, resilience, confidence and happiness in a supportive environment that’s also creative and inspiring.

Breaking the Boy Code

The purpose of this class is to provide innovative, effective small groups guidance to educate boys about real masculinity.

Flexible is Faster

Flexible is Faster was an innovative behavioral intervention program at Carbondale Middle School during the 2018-2019 school year.  Through grant monies awarded to CMS, Maureen created a fast-paced, results driven pilot program to support students experiencing behavioral issues in class.

Scholarships and payment plans available. Please contact us for more information.