This club is invaluable to the Roaring Fork Valley as it is a safe and supportive place for children who are having difficulties in other settings. For our son it was somewhere he was highly supported and allowed him to have positive interactions both with his peers and the professionals running the group. By the … Read more Ashley Mauldin

Ashley Mauldin

Rocky Mountain Kid CLUBS helps teach kids some of the most important skills they could learn. My daughter has very much enjoyed the classes she has attended, and has learned so much about managing her feelings, learning to love and have confidence in herself, and tips for interacting with others. I’m so thankful for what … Read more Jen Close

Jen Close

R. M. Kid CLUBS is a wonderful program where kiddos get to practice those very needed social skills in a nicely structured environment that feels safe, nurturing, accepting, AND fun. I couldn’t possibly recommend this program enough. My son’s needs are always met with true compassion and understanding, and his strengths are constantly recognized and … Read more Andrea Suarez

Andrea Suarez