Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Regular attendance is a must for success in Kid CLUBS program. It is not feasible to replace a child if the child withdraws from an ongoing group. It is understood once the group has started, your child will participate in all sessions. If your child needs to miss a session because of illness, please email us at RockyMtnKidClubs@gmail.com or text Maureen at (970)404-1587. We do not give refunds.

Please make sure your child arrives with a snack and is dressed appropriately for outside activities. Please let us know if your child has any medical conditions or allergies that will impact them during group time.

Please respect the start and end times of the group. It is important that our group is able to start on time. Late arrivals disrupt the flow of the group. We will have the kids ready at the end time, so please pick your child up on time. Late pickups can result in additional fees owed. Please communicate any changes to adults picking up your child (sibling, relative). We will only release your child to authorized persons.

To support group topics and encourage mastery of concepts, it is helpful to discuss weekly learning with your child. We will communicate weekly topics with you for continued support at home. An enthusiastic attitude and use of group vocabulary helps your child get the most out of the group.

To complete registration, please go to the payment page and click to pay for the class selected or email us at RockyMtnKidClubs@gmail.com. We cannot hold a spot for your child until both registration and payment are completed.

Failure to comply with your selected option, will result in automatic dismissal from the program and a 10% additional finance charge will apply. Re-enrollment will be allowed after balance paid.